Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where to Apply Perfume? (Perfume Atomizer)

Perfume Atomizer

Who has not seen a very attractive woman who is dressed up with her hair and makeup done, but her scent is not as pleasing as you thought it would be? This can happen to any woman who does not know where to apply perfume. There are tricks and ways on how to apply perfumes. Here are some tips on where to apply perfume so that you make a lasting impression.

* The first thing to take into consideration is to apply your perfumes before you put on any clothing or jewelry .
* There are five main areas on your body where you can apply your perfume; these are called the body's pulse points: wrists, base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, the bend of elbows, and between the breasts (cleavage).
* Try not wipe or rub together your wrists after applying the perfume since this may cause break down of the perfume scent.
* Do not spritz perfume on your hair unless it is washed. Otherwise the natural oils of your hair may cause changes in the scent.
* Since body heat rises you can also apply perfume behind your knees. This is great for a lasting impression.


Perfume Atomizer
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